Ultrasound Scanners

Viamo: Performance to go

Source: Tshiba Medical Systems Europe

Posted: 22.02.2010

Have you ever wished for a portable ultrasound system with the same image quality as your premium cart-based machine? Have you ever dreamt about a sophisticated and feature-rich portable system with a touch screen that makes it as easy to use as your premium cart? Or have you ever thought about a portable machine that is capable of sharing specialty transducers with your conventional high-end system. Well, here it is: our new Viamo premium portable system.

Viamo combines all the advantages of a portable ultrasound system with the diagnostic precision, comfort and the ease of use of a premium cart-based system. Sharing its core imaging engine and transducer technology with Aplio XG, Viamo offers high-end image quality also in situations where unlimited portability is required.

Viamo provides outstanding clinical performance backed by a host of unique, clinically validated technologies. Its full range of high-performance imaging functions lets you visualize minute tissue details and vascular structures with precision for a faster, more accurate diagnosis. Advanced imaging functions such as Pulse Subtraction THI come standard with Viamo.

Viamo’s built-in touch screen allows for seamless workflow and an outstandingly comfortable and intuitive operation of the system. Viamo’s monitor can be rotated to enable free positioning of the screen. When fully turned and folded flat, Viamo can be operated in tablet mode solely via its touch screen. Individual key functions on Viamo’s console and touch screen are user programmable to suit your specific diagnostic requirements or personal preferences.

A whole range of workflow automation functions is available on Viamo. One-touch QuickScan for instance helps you achieve better imaging results in less time by automatically optimizing your imaging parameters. And Viamo’s innovative SonoSet™ function allows you to carry out examinations conveniently by simply executing freely programmable protocols step by step.

The battery-powered system is operational within just a few seconds when opened, making it instantaneously available also in critical situations. And its height-adjustable pole cart is extremely slim and easy to manoeuvre. As a full-fledged ultrasound system, Viamo is ideally suited for clinical applications, where portability or space is an issue, but diagnostic quality cannot be compromized.