Ultrasound Scanners

Aplio 400

Source: Tshiba Medical Systems Europe

Posted: 23.04.2014

Aplio™ 400 delivers in every way. Ensuring every examination has an optimal result, it provides you with unsurpassed image quality, superior productivity, and an ergonomic workplace with fully customizable console.

Meeting your day to day demands with ease, Aplio 400 is designed to grow with your practice as your patient workload develops or changes. Thanks to its software-driven raw data platform, advanced clinical applications can be added to your Aplio 400 as you need them. Specialist tools, expert volume imaging functions and groundbreaking quantification options allow you to build your Aplio to perfectly suit your clinical needs at all times.

The system is equipped with a wide range of powerful clinical tools for advanced visualization, quantification and intervention for daily routine and clinical research. Aplio’s modular design with raw data functionality is easy to upgrade allowing it to grow with your demands at any time.

Both the busy clinician and the patient benefit from volumetric ultrasound. A complete set of data can be acquired and stored in raw format in just a few seconds, reducing examination time to a minimum. The stored raw data can be retrieved, read and manipulated anytime later with no loss of functionality.

Every aspect of Aplio 400 has been optimized to facilitate better workflow, ensuring maximum productivity from the very first day. The high-quality parts and responsible design of the system will provide you with life-long, outstanding value on your purchase.

Aplio’s unique core technologies provide an unmatched level of clinical precision, departmental productivity and ease of use, allowing you to get your diagnosis quicker and with higher confidence than ever before